How to Sell Your Deck Design

If you created a special layout for a deck which you believe many people would enjoy, you might also sell that and earn some cash. There are lots of ways to market a style idea for a house.

1. Give it to a architect which you know

How to Sell Your Deck DesignUnless you happen to be a certified architect, interior designer, or even a builder at the company of building decks for houses, it would be tough for you to earn money off your own design. You will need to give it to somebody who professionally layouts for houses. An architect will happily take your layout should they have a customer who would like a deck integrated into their house. Imagine how much time and energy that an architect will conserve if they no longer need to plan the deck since they purchased your layout from you.

2. Sell it online

You are able to create your own site should youn’t have any yet, or you’ll be able to sell it on Craigslist. But remember to not demonstrate the entire layout because somebody could just replicate it without your knowing and it would be hard to understand whether this happens. Give to personally deliver your pattern or 3D rendering into the possible purchaser’s location.

3. Partner using a renovation firm

You may also associate with a renovation business to call you whenever they require a deck or deck design. This is a fantastic idea because decks and decks are hot renovation projects so that you’ll not have a lack of customers. Be certain that you have more than 1 layout so that the clients will have choices. Consistently make 3D leaves of your layouts to show to prospective customers.

Locate a restoration business that’s honest and will not screw you over. Head down to your own workplace and market your work or provide them your services.


Before letting anybody see your layout, check your state’s law on copyright and see whether your deck layout could be guarded. After your entire layout is the intellectual property and also a copyright is a level of security to safeguard your design from being used by other people without your consent.

Promoting your deck layouts might be tough, but if you own determination, it is possible to get an architect or a renovation business that is going to cover your job so it is possible to generate income.