Sithe Global withdraws from the Amaila Falls Hydropower Project – August 11, 2013
Guyana, the "land of many waters", is rich in hydro resources and deserves to benefit from its own natural wealth. The construction of a new 165MW hydroelectric facility creates an opportunity for Guyana to generate its own power from a clean, natural source and with it a dependable, affordable source of electricity fostering growth and economic development in the country. The plant, located where the Amaila and Kuribrong rivers meet, will deliver electricity to Guyana's capital, Georgetown, and its second largest town, Linden, by an electric transmission line. Construction of the hydro facility and electrical interconnection is anticipated to begin in late 2013. It will take approximately four years to complete.

Benefits to the people of Guyana:
  • The project will immediately provide local communities with employment opportunities as well as the opportunity for expanded sales of goods and services.
  • The plant will provide power reliability to meet Guyana's future needs.
  • Over time, the project will lower average wholesale energy costs.
  • It will spur additional economic investment resulting in more jobs and stronger infrastructure.
  • After 20 years of operation, the Project will be transferred to Guyana Power & Light (GPL) for free


Amaila Project Milestones Update

The Amaila Hydropower Project ("Project") reached major development milestones on Sept. 18, 2012, with the signing of key project agreements in Xi'an, China, including the Engineering, Procurement & Construction ("EPC") Contract and the Inter-American Development Bank Mandate Letter. [...]

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Recently Asked Questions:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Where will the dam be built?

Q- How big will the Project be?

Q- How long will it take to build?

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  • The Project has begun to create jobs for local communities and will present future opportunities for expanded sales of goods and services.
  • The Project Sponsors will continue to actively engage local communities throughout the life of the Project. The hydropower site, dam and reservoir, are in remote location and require no relocation of any communities.
  • The Project Sponsors will continue to actively engage local communities throughout the life of the Project and intend to take appropriate measures to ensure minimal impact.
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